Vultus solutions help farmers to get
    reliably better yields and to save up to
    30% costs on fertilizer usage

Vultus Services
Vultus ServicesFertilizer Ninja
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Open Fertilizer Ninja® for your business: unique tools for expert-level fertilization consultancy through a digital platform.

Vultus Services
Vultus ServicesMonitoring
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Check crop health and water stress at any stage of the season. Over 4 years of historical data is available to gain deep insight into performance and yields to finetune your next growing season strategy.

Partner Integration
Partner IntegrationAPI
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Fast and smooth integration of Vultus Services through smart GraphQL based API.

Equipment Compatability

Our nitrogen prescriptions work for all modern machinery and technology supporting ISOBUS

Precision variable-rate nitrogen prescriptions, straight from our satellites to your tractor

Start precision farming now!

Practice precision farming tools in your fields

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