Satellite-enabled precision farming tools you can easily apply

Vultus Nitrogen Prescription Profit Calculator

Harvest Profit Increase
Improved Field Evenness
Quality Increase
Profit gain per ha per year
Total profit gains per year

Pinpoint your crop's exact fertilizer needs

  • Increase your yields between 3-5%.
  • Zoning up to 10m data resolution = clear detection of intra-field variability.
  • Satellite remote sensing data means no guesswork, expensive devices or fieldwork.

Simple variable-rate N applications for your tractor

  • Save up to 30% on fertilizer costs and increase your profits.
  • Combines current and 10+ years of historic spectral data for granular recommendations.
  • ISOBUS compatible tractor prescriptions – just download and go.

Keep your crops on track with Plant Health Analysis

  • Detect threats weeks before the naked eye.
  • Super accurate performance indicators, adjusting for soil composition, chlorophyll measures, biomass, the weather, and your field’s unique history.
  • Benchmark intra-field performance across years.

Calculate water stress, plan ahead for the weather - and more

  • Act on crop water stress with NDWI data.
  • Get satellite grade predictions on precipitation, UV, wind, and temperature.

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