Looking back at 2019

It’s January again, and the team are back after a well deserved holiday break. The start of a new year always prompts reflection, but 2019 was exceptional.

Here’s our story in just three bandwidth-breaking numbers.

  • We went from zero ha of commercial use to over 350,000ha – in only 9 months.
  • We went from zero farming platform partners to 5 fully integrated clients, who are already offering Vultus to thousands of farmers across every continent on earth – in under a year.
  • We raised €1m in seed funding from incredible VCs, including Norrsken, Almi Invest and Rockstart Agrifood.

Going into 2019, we had a semi-working prototype and no commercial traction. Yet we did have a scrappy team committed to helping farmers grow healthy crops at a low cost whilst protecting the environment. Their grit, vision and determination have gotten us to where we are today. With no shortage of challenges, we have made more progress in the last 12 months than the preceding 24 combined.

We are entering 2020 with a team that has doubled in size (we went from 8 to 16), are invigorated by success and keen to build on our foundations to create sustainable growth.

Thanks to all the team for their hard work. Stay tuned for our next blogpost, where we lay out our goals for 2020!

– Robert, CEO of Vultus

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