UP42 and Vultus Partnership Announcement

Partnership announcement!

UP42 and Vultus work together to revolutionize agricultural workflows. By combining Up42’s on-demand data and infrastructure with Vultus’ remote sensing technology and research, farmers have access to Fertilization Zoning Maps that show them the exact amounts of fertilizer different areas in their fields require.

How does it work?
Vultus uses satellite data, spectral and spatial analysis to measure the intra-field variations of the crops. These are then compared with the average fertilizer dosage applied to the field provided by the farmer and historical data to give a variable-rate nitrogen application recommendation.
The farmers get an image of their fields with clear fertilization zoning that represent the varying fertilization needs that each area requires. The recommendations can be directly downloaded to ISOBUS enabled tractors or as a manual application guidance.


  • Reduces fertilizer costs by 1/3 and increases yields between 3-5%.
  • Detects both low & high performing areas, and helps as a guide to understand intra-field variability over time.
  • Decreases environmental harm, greenhouse gas emissions and stays ahead of increasingly tough legislation for agriculture.

Check the new algorithms on UP42‘s website!

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