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Pinpoint your crop's exact fertilizer needs

  • Increase your yields between 3-5%.
  • Zoning up to 10m data resolution = clear detection of intra-field variability.
  • Satellite remote sensing data means no guesswork, expensive devices or fieldwork.

Simple variable-rate N applications for your tractor

  • Save up to 30% on fertilizer costs and increase your profits.
  • Combines current and 10+ years of historic spectral data for granular recommendations.
  • ISOBUS compatible tractor prescriptions – just download and go.

Keep your crops on track with Plant Health Analysis

  • Detect threats weeks before the naked eye.
  • Super accurate performance indicators, adjusting for soil composition, chlorophyll measures, biomass, the weather, and your field’s unique history.
  • Benchmark intra-field performance across years.

Calculate water stress, plan ahead for the weather - and more

  • Act on crop water stress with NDWI data.
  • Get satellite grade predictions on precipitation, UV, wind, and temperature.
  • Crop Benchmarking and Fungicide Prescriptions coming in early 2020

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