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Variable-Rate Nitrogen Prescriptions

  • Pinpoints crops’ exact fertilizer needs and get ISOBUS compatible tractor prescriptions.
  • Uses satellite remote sensing technology, latest in international research and the field’s unique history to identify intra-field variation.
  • Saves up to ⅓ on fertilizer costs and increases yields between 3-5%

Plant Health Analysis

  • Shows sub-weekly crop health, improves field scouting and detects problems weeks before the naked eye.
  • Calculated using multispectral analysis, numerous performance indicators and individual field history.
  • Keeps crops on track and provides an easy way to measure the effects of fertilization, treatment, irrigation, etc.

Water Stress Management

  • Visualizes the irrigation needs of crops with clear indexing.
  • Derived from multispectral analysis and calculated using the Normalised Difference Water Index.
  • Helps manage both ordinary irrigation needs and crop management after extreme weather events.

Synthetic Aperture Radar = No Cloud Cover Limitations

  • Penetrates clouds to increase accurate measures of plant health, biomass, and moisture.
  • Uses a type of remote sensing microwave technology to analyze spectral bands.
  • Guarantees at least two images a week, independent of the weather.

Time Series Analysis, Zoning, Weather, & more

  • Time Series Analysis: Enhances the understanding of field and crop history, enabling data-driven decisions to maximize yields.
  • Zoning: Creates easy to understand field zones, identifying high and low performing areas across time with AI algorithm.
  • Weather: Fine-tune crop treatment plans with local predictions for precipitation, UV, wind, temperature, etc.

Flexible API and Continuous Product Updates

  • Easy to integrate REST API with optional UI components.
  • Converts field coordinates and raw satellite data into easy to understand, actionable maps.
  • New crop types constantly being added, Crop Benchmarking and Fungicide Prescriptions arriving in 2020

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