Up next: Vultus goes crowdfunding

As a fast-growing agriculture technology start-up from Sweden, we are thrilled to announce our launch to raise 150 thousand euros on the equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

With a novel software solution, the aim is to enable waste free farming and help farmers around the world grow healthier plants, at a lower cost. The technology is based on satellite imagery as well as prescriptive analytics, providing farmers with precise, actionable and efficient recommendation of crop specific fertilization. The system is designed to prevent over-fertilization and cut nitrogen usage by 40 percent. This solution helps farmers grow high quality crops with less resources and enables a much greener farming industry.

We caught up with Vultus CEO, Robert Schmitt, and discussed the beginnings of the company, the idea behind a crowdfunding campaign and his vision for the future of agriculture.

         What’s the backstory of Vultus?

After first-hand witnessing the sheer amount of waste and inefficiencies in agriculture, we founded Vultus with the core mission of enabling waste free farming. Our core ambition was to build a product that could balance the increasing need for food with ideas and principles of ecological sustainability. Initially, we worked locally with ambitions to improve farming in Sweden but as our company and team has developed, we realized that this is a global problem and requires an international focus. That is where we are today.

         Why did you decide to run an equity crowdfunding campaign?

Vultus seeks to democratize the access to proprietary satellite technology and deep fertilizer analysis, in a very similar way to how Seedrs is democratizing the access to startup investments. Previously, it would have been almost impossible for a private person to invest in a startup they were excited about. Instead of taking money exclusively from professional and institutional investors, we can bring in a network of individuals passionate about our company and industry. It enables all people to gain new and better equity instruments whilst we reap the benefits of our community.

         What will the investors get?

We offer a chance to get in on one of the key areas of the ag-tech revolution, by investing in the leading fertilizer distribution service. As we continue to grow our business, our early shareholders will gain generous returns and become more deeply involved in disrupting agriculture.

          How do you envision the future of farming?

Farming, like most industries, started off in a decentralized fashion with low levels of automation and technological integration. With time, farming has become more centralized, mechanized and automated. We think the trend will continue, with emphasis on a large increase in usage of spatial data and automation. Vultus fits into the picture as a strong driver in the adoption of spatial data, fit to the current operations, and will later feed into the greater levels of mechanical automation. In a not too distant future, self-driving tractors will use Vultus data to automatically optimize distribution of fertilizers and autonomously ensure the health of farmland.

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