Vultus Enters the Ukranian Precision Farming Market

Vultus enters the Ukrainian precision farming market.

The founder and CEO of Vultus, Robert Schmitt, spoke about this in a comment for (

He noted that Vultus sees in Ukraine a significant potential for increasing production efficiency through precision farming tools.

“Ukraine is a large market, and we hope to become a leading player in precision farming services. We can really help Ukrainian farmers increase their yields and reduce costs through differentiated fertilization. Also, Vultus tools can significantly reduce the likelihood of crop loss due to undetected plant diseases or pests, “said Robert Schmitt.

Also, the company sees many opportunities to improve the performance of both the agricultural industry as a whole and an individual farmer.

“Our goal is to take a leading position in the agro-technological sector of the Ukrainian market. We are big agricultural enthusiasts, and we strongly believe in innovation, and therefore are interested in the widest possible dissemination of knowledge about precision farming and the use of satellite data analysis to build an agronomic strategy for the season,” commented Robert Schmitt.

We look forward to our work together and see beneficial prospects of optimization of everyday work for Ukranian farmers.

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