Early Access

We are constantly working on improvements for our products and services based on the feedback from our Clients & Partners and here we are proud to announce the v 3.0.0 release of VultusApp. We have carefully analyzed the user experience and functionality needs, therefore we present you the latest changes to the App:


We have replaced the tutorial walkthrough with specific help buttons throughout the interface. That way you can easily receive specific information about any section of the interface. This also means that the walkthrough button will no longer be available in the Account Menu tab.

New options

  1. We have added Water Stress and Zoning to the list of available services.
  2. Likewise, there is now an opportunity to ad what crop you grew in the previous years on the specific field. After you have added your field (just like before) do the following:

Select the icon to edit the field > “Crop Types By Years” > Choose date interval > Choose the crop type > “Add” > “Save” > Done!

  1. Want to change the borders of your field after you have already added it? No problem with the new “Change Polygon” button.

Select the icon to edit the field > “Change Polygon” > Modify the boarders of the field as needed > “Save” > Done!

Free Users

We have made the following updates to the free user subscription

  • All users have access to all services
  • The free user date limit to 365 days
  • The maximum field size that can be added is 1000 hectares
  • The maximum hectares for the free subscription is 5000 per user/farm
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